Are women's heeled shoes going out of trend?

Breaking the stereotype that high heels are a symbol of femininity and elegance, women are now prioritizing comfort over style.

women's high heels shoes
women's high heels shoes

The use of heels in fashion has always been a symbol of style, glamor and confidence.  But after the covid pandemic, most of the people are now choosing comfort over aesthetics.  As a result, there has been a sudden change in the fashion world in shoes.

While women have long been wearing heels for fashion, ignoring the discomfort of wearing heels, the difference between formal wear and comfortable casual wear has become clear after the Covid pandemic.  Breaking the stereotype that high heels are a symbol of femininity and elegance, women are now prioritizing comfort over style.  A style trend that prioritizes comfort is what represents fashion now.

According to the NPD Group, a marketing research firm, high heel sales have dropped 65 percent since mid-2020.  With the rise in popularity of remote work, fashion-conscious women are now turning to comfortable loafers, wedges, flat ballerinas or sneakers instead of high heels.

If we think a little deeper about the reason for this change in the field of shoes in fashion, the first question that comes is, is the corona epidemic responsible for the change in the choice of women's shoes?

Cognitive psychologist and fashion business consultant.  Caroline Meier thinks that Corona has accelerated this trend.  Modern femininity is not limited to accessories like shoes.  Today society believes in equality and fair rights and feminism is also working towards that goal.

Renowned designer Valentino's latest Fall-Winter 2023-2024 fashion show in Paris saw the use of flats instead of heels with most of the looks, further reducing the use of heels.  Even big shoe brands like Valentino, Proenza Schouler have brought a new comfort to our familiar shoes through collaboration.  For example: Birkenstock's classic Arizona sandal.  These shoes became very popular during the lockdown.  A recent study in 2023 found that 71 percent of people looked for sneakers instead of heels and 70 percent of people looked for black flat ballet shoes instead of heels.

As Bangladesh is known globally for making clothes for the world's biggest fashion brands, Bangladeshi footwear designers have also had a say in this trend.

'While sales of heels didn't drop overnight, there was a shift in consumer demand.  Shoppers are now showing an interest in block heels rather than uncomfortable stiletto heels.'

He also said, 'Fashion conscious women are now preferring kitten heels.  No Compromise on Style This heel style is super comfortable and helps balance the foot. 'Raihan Kabir, Marketing Manager and E-Commerce Lead, Apex Footwear, said, 'Currently the global trend is towards comfortable, casual fashion.  Shoppers are looking for shoes that are the right combination of fashion and comfort at the same time.  As a result, demand for certain styles such as flats, wedges, block heels, platform heels and even sneakers is increasing.  These shoes allow the user to move comfortably without any discomfort.  Consumers these days are very conscious about healthy living, which is gradually affecting the fashion footwear industry as well.'

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