How to stop annoying pop-up ads on mobile phones

Lately, seeing several annoying ads on smartphones makes it a very embarrassing situation.  Nowadays, opening any app or home screen of a mobile phone has many types of annoying ads.

How to stop annoying pop-up ads on mobile phones
How to stop annoying pop-up ads on mobile phones

I also often get ads while doing necessary work.  Many times there are so many add-ons that you have to face a lot of problems using the app or the phone.  When using my different apps and websites, the phone requires different permissions, causing problems with your phone.  There are also phone memory and cache overflows and security issues.  Many people sometimes give such offensive ads that one has to be in an embarrassing situation.

Ad opt-out process may vary by mobile phone brand and model.  However, it is possible to get rid of ads permanently by following some simple methods.  It is possible to get rid of ads permanently by following a few more steps.

First, you need to enter the settings of the mobile phone.  From there you have to enter Google.  From there select “Ads” option.  After that, from Google's Ads option => Personalized => click on name option.  There is another option called => Your Advertising ID =>, it needs to be reset.  This will change the 'Advertising ID', so you will no longer see ads or unwanted pop-ups.

 If the above option doesn't work, you can use this option below, in mobile phone settings => Connection and sharing => from options => Private DNS => option.  There among many more options click => Private DNS Provider Hotsname =>.  There you have to write and save.  Only then will you get rid of unwanted ads.

 If you want, you can turn off these annoying ads from the phone browser as well.  For this, first go to the phone's 'Chrome' browser and enter the site named => My Activity <=.  After entering => Welcome to my activity <= click on the three dot symbol on the top left side of the screen.  There => Activity Control <= option named.  After entering there, go to => Ads <= option => Ads Personalization is on <= option should be turned off.  Then click on the three dot menu on the upper right side of the Chrome browser and go to Settings => Side Settings <= and click an option.  After entering it, go to => Cookies <= => Block third party cookies <= on, the ads will stop coming to the browser.

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